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Local Processing


Graytex Metals can supply flat custom length stainless steel sheet and coil/slit which can be offered in 2B, BA and No4. finishes. Our services also include cut-to-length, slitting, slit & blank as well as PVC coating.

Graytex Metals have just introduced their CTC (coil to coil) line, which produces a “Stucco” and a “Cedar” finish and has a capacity of 8 ton coils with a maximum width of 1 250mm and maximum thickness of 0.7mm (stainless steel).

Our machine capabilities are as follows:

  • Maximum input coil width : 1500mm
  • Maximum input coil mass: 9000 kgs
  • Maximum gauge on stainless steel cut-to-length: 1.2mm
  • Maximum gauge on stainless steel slitting/slit & blank: 0.9mm
  • Maximum gauge on aluminium slitting/slit & blank: 1.6mm
  • Thinnest gauge on stainless steel and aluminium: 0.4mm
  • Maximum sheet length: 4500mm
  • Narrowest slit width on stainless steel: 100mm
  • Narrowest slit width on aluminium: 120mm