Stainless Steel Fire Performance

Below is a brief overview of the suitability and performance of stainless steel in fire situations according to its material properties.

Rimex is a manufacturer of stainless-steel finishes supplied in flat sheets, and is not involved in the fabrication or installation of stainless-steel cladding. On that basis, this document addresses only the basics of stainless steel in its solid form.

Stainless steel is not ignitable and also does not assist in the propagation of fires by flame spread. The surface of stainless steel is normally inert and stable in oxidizing conditions, such as those found in most flames and heat sources. (source:

Furthermore, and as indicated below, stainless steel has a relatively high melting point and as a metal outperforms the common metal alternatives used in cladding applications in this respect.

For fire performance of specific cladding panels and systems, the cladding contractor should be contacted.

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